Easy skins – Easy summer


It is Summer time!
…And we can proudly announce our new summer campaign which is called “Easy skins – Easy summer”.

Sounds interesting? 😉 Well, it sure is!
We will be giving away bunch of Counter Strike: Global Offensive weapon skins during this summer. We will give them away 8 weeks straight, starting today! You can spot some of the prizes on the campaign image, but we will announce the current week’s prizes every week now on.

We will pick one lucky winner each week. 🙂

The final/8th week will have the grand prize which is the Gut Knife | Tiger Tooth, Factory New! This week’s prizes are the following…

* AK-47 | Redline (Field tested)
* Galil AR | Firefight (Field tested)

– But wait! That isn’t all! –

We will also give away one surprise game for Steam to different winner every week! 😀

Just double like and you are in the giveaway! So, like our facebook page and the new announcement which we will publish every week now on. First week’s announcement is this post. 🙂
Don’t hesitate to share this campaign also to your friends. 😉

If you have any questions, go ahead and ask them on the comments below. Paranoia eSports wishes happy and warm summer to everyone! <3